The Gift of Music…(xmas 2011 special)

I was just thinking about gifting music.  Some of my most important musical moments have happened because someone gifted me a crucial album.  Blue - Joni Mitchell comes to mind.  I was 16.  I had just gotten my first steel string guitar.  It was a Seagull.  (Great first timer guitars, BTW…).  My uncle Kyle, who is a guitar man, and happens to love female singer/songwriters (who can blame him, really) took me to the CD store, and told me this was “a must have”.  I mean, it’s was pretty much over from there.  Like, Joni…Blue…I’m 16… it was inevitable.  When someone gifts you music, they are going a step beyond taking an iTunes leap,  they are endorsing a product.  Music is meant to be shared.  Music is for moving people, music is for bringing people together.  Music is what will save and change the world. I believe in that more than any political party or religion or lifestyle diet.  

SO…all that TO SAY…that…  I’m going to give you the chance to tell me why you’d like to gift my music to someone you know.  I’m not talking giving my blessing for burning my album for a friend.  Something cooler.

Christmas is my favorite, most favorite, most favorite time of year.  I love it.  I think music is a perfect gift because it keeps on giving! Do you have someone who you would like to gift my music?  I will do the following for five people and their very compelling explanations. 

Send anyone you want my album.

Wrapped in xmas paper.

With a personalized note from me.

On, OR reply to this blog OR email me (, tell me why my music has moved you, or why you endorse it, and why your chosen friend/family/whomever is a perfect candidate for being gifted with *my* music.  DEADLINE: Dec. 10 (so they can get there by xmas….or that week if you don’t celebrate xmas…no discrimination here :)

Feel free to write me here: with the subject “I wanna gift your jams!”.  If I pick you, that is where we’ll correspond to get an address to send the package.

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